Fizz is in a new bottle. Not everyone can have it, but we definitely know who it is not for: THE OLD.

Earlier this year, we launched Fizz as a video app on iOS and Android. The app showcased the best trending videos from around the globe. Our users loved it and asked for more. This got us thinking: what more could we offer to a young and dynamic India? 

For us, Fizz is about things that matter to us, to you and to everyone else. It takes shape in different forms, sizes, colours and expressions. Video is  here to stay, and the next phase of our journey is helping you get the best bang for your buck!

It can be very hard to find cool, unique, innovative and useful products. Products you actually need and have a use for. At Fizz, we strive everyday to help you discover and buy products that give you the edge. 

Don't just watch it to use it. Fizz it!.